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If no characters are loaded here, clicking "Reset List" should fix it.


Changing your game will empty your tier list! You cannot undo this.


Share / Import –
The top half creates a shareable image for your tier list. Simply right-click and choose "Save Image As" to save your tier list. The bottom half gives you a shareable code and link for an editable version of your tier list. – If you have a code, paste it into the box and click "Import Tier List". This will overwrite your current tier list with the one you've imported.
Hide Controls –
Hides the control buttons on the right-side of the creator. Good for mobile!
Reset List –
Clears your entire tier list. Please be sure you want to reset your tier list before clicking.
Tip: Did you accidentally delete something or reset your tier list?
Open your web browser's console to see your tier list's history.


This is a new and maintained version of the original Smash Tier List Maker created(?) by Quetzle. I used to have my own fork of this project a long time ago, but due to hosting trouble and lack of version control, I lost it. But now it's back... with version control and for Dota Auto Chess!

Patch Notes

Version 1.68 –
Added Mars, Zeus. (Thanks Lorentzen1337)
Version 1.67 –
Fixed issue where character name tags wouldn't appear when hovering. (Firefox)
Version 1.66 –
Added Riki, Death Prophet, Mirana.
Version 1.65 –
Added Morphling, Terrorblade, Tiny.
Version 1.6 –
Added the ability to give your tier list a title for screenshots. Does not transfer with share link or share code.
Fixed big where the share link wouldn't parse properly when used by someone else.
"Fixed" bug where tier names would import as undefined if edited a certain way.
Version 1.5 –
You can now get a shareable link when you hit Import/Share.
Clicking Rest List now clears the tier list from the cache as well.
Fixed an issue where tier lists weren't persisting after refreshing the page.
Fixed an issue where windows on mobile appeared too low on the page.
Changed some minor things to improve UX.
Version 1.3 –
Now hovering hero icons says the name of the hero.
Cleaned up the code (slightly).

Your tier list should appear above.
You can right-click the image to save it or copy the code below for an editable version.